Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello Ocho

I don't quite know how to describe Hello Ocho.  Its psychedelic, popy, experimental, folky, post-rock like but yet not.
Artist: Hello Ocho
Album: Hello Ocho
Song: Party on a Raincloud
Genre: psychedelic/experimental/folk

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Leon Sommer

Angelic guitar pluckings. dreamy reverb. Nostalgic synth. Leon Sommer.  Absolutely beautiful folkiness caught in a haze.
Artist: Leon Sommer
Album: No Suprises
Song: Wonder If
Genre: dream pop/folk

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The December Sound

Another band who has a perfectly fitting name; even the album cover captures their sound.  They certainly don't have a July type of sound.  Its spacey, droning, bleak but yet beautiful.  Truly an enchanting experience.
Artist: The December Sound
Album: The December Sound
Song: Never
Genre: shoegaze/psychedelic

Friday, January 11, 2013


Post-rock mathcore?  It totally fucking works.  This is an extremely talented band from New Jersey making mainly instrumental music.  The technicality of it along with the energy they put in will have you stunned at points from what you are hearing.  They have the technical proficiency of Ion Dissonance with the beauty of Mogwai.
Artist: Dionaea
Album: Still
Song: Same Story
Genre: mathcore/post-rock

Dissever the Tyrant

I've been looking through my library for some bands that I had forgotten about that deserve to resurface.  I would put this band on to ignite the fire in everyone to burn an empire, shed some blood.  Well... push each other around in a playful but yet aggressive manor.  I haven't heard much more from this band except for this EP, but a brutal and slamming one it is.  

Artist: Dissever the Tyrant
Album: DEMO
Song: Voracity
Genre: slamming brutal death metal

Thursday, January 10, 2013


So happy I came across this up and coming artist. Wintercoats is the creation of Australian violinist James Wallace.  I am thoroughly impressed with this music; its dreamy, beautiful, yet uplifting music with lots of violin, an instrument I consider to be angelic and the most beautiful sounding of instruments along with the harp.
Artist: Wintercoats
Album: Cathedral EP
Song: Great Expectations/Cathedral (live)
Genre: dream pop/ambient/experimental

Friday, January 4, 2013

dead in the dirt

Raw. Dirty. Grinding. Vicious. dead in the dirt. What a perfect name.
Artist: dead in the dirt
Album: Fear
Song: Fear
Genre: grindcore/crust

The Townhouses

The Townhouses is straight up delightful and unique.  The profile has this to say about his sound, "He wistfully mixes Tropicalia, Gamelan, African and Ambient soundscapes to create an experimental collage of breezy summer vibes."  That is a bold and enticing description, and its a fairly accurate one.  I love the instruments he uses such as xylophone, chimes, violin, etc.. along with his calm, soothing guitar tone and use of beautiful piano.  Currently, all five of his releases can be found for download on his bandcamp.

Artist: The Townhouses
Album: Diaspora
Song: Talk
Genre: dream pop/chillwave/ambient