Friday, April 25, 2014


This shit rocks, its complex both with mathy time signatures and its near jazzy rock thats also very energetic. At times they can sound like a slightly more aggressive Modest Mouse. The song Lifted Bells verges on straight up jam. Just listen to the album.

"June of 44 created music that ranged from experimental jazz to ambient dub to angular post punk." - Touch and Go Records

Artist: JUNE OF 44
Album: Four Great Points
Song: Cut Your Face
Genre: Math rock/post-hardcore/experimental



The Gaslamp Killer

Every time I sit down to listen to this guy, I'm always blown the fuck away and it draws me in with the infectious and psychedelic drenched beats that this man so perfectly crafts.  His music has an undeniable nostalgic presence to it that will leave anyone who wants some modern experimental hip-hop like Flying Lotus but wants to delve in the warmth of yesteryear's sound, The Gaslamp Killer would be absolutely perfect.

PS:  Some of his material is in the form of one long song, like I Spit on Your Grave, but those are the best ones because you simply get lost in his manic creativity finding yourself in soundscapes you'd never expect to hear.  Download this fucker now.

 Artist: The Gaslamp Killer
Album: I Spit on Your Grave EP
Song: Shattering Inner Journeys
Genre: psychedelic/hip-hop/dub/experimental

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Suuns are a great band, and I'm having a difficult time being able to describe them, which in its self has me knowing this band is special.  They sort of sound like Liars, but more upbeat and accessible.  The song '2020' was used to advertise Only God Forgives, the next film from the director of Drive, who has a cool atmospheric and experimental tone to his films which is why it fits perfectly.

Artist: Suuns
Album: Images Du Futur
Song: Edie's Dream
Genre: Experimental indie/psychedelic/art rock



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rites of Spring

Pre notation:  This band fucking rocks just give them a listen

 Lately I've been massively into 80's hardcore punk, post-hardcore, and emo (not the fucking shit bag idea it has become now, but rather just hardcore punk with more introspective lyrics and more technicality).  In 1985 there was a boom of new hardcore bands in the summer, "the Revolution summer" that took the current status of hardcore which was violent and angry to a more progressive approach with more introspective lyrics, a less aggressive approach but instead more lighthearted.  Rites of Spring have been exactly what I needed.  Its punky, up beat, great for the up coming summer, and the vocalist's voice is completely his own.

Artist: Rites of Spring
Album: Rites of Spring
Title: All There Is
Genre: Hardcore punk/post-hardcore