Thursday, August 11, 2016

White Mice

Evil. Drugged up. Fucked up. Groovy!  This is some raunchy and at times sludgy noise rock at its best.   A soundtrack of a euphoric schizophrenic.
Artist: White Mice
Album: Mouse of Mendes/Asssphixxxeatateshun
Genre: Noise rock/sludge/grindcore



Thursday, June 2, 2016

Grotesque Through Incoherence

Within the first minute you will already realize this is no ordinary metal. The fact that you'll get to hear some steel drums in this album speaks volumes for that. Hell, songs might even break into some turntablism! These guys have a great tone; they are equally influenced by death metal and the likes of Gojira (another French band) creating a fun, heavy sound that won't put your wiener friends off.

Artist: Grotesque Through Incoherence
Album: One Thousand Blasting Words
Genre: death metal/experimental


Attack of the Giant Squid

I have to say right away that this album is pure gold. It blasts off from the very beginning gripping you with those rockin' riffs before it explodes into the experimental and proggy behemoth that is this album.  Truly an adventurous listen that journeys through so many exciting sounds making this hour long album so dense that you will get lost in the genius of it all.  A perfect album for those gathering tokes indeed!

Artist: Attack of the Giant Squid
Album: (ver.)
Genre: progressive rock/experimental/psychedelic/dub

Monday, March 21, 2016

GoGoGo Airheart

Fuckin' A! Sorry for that, sometimes I just have to blurt these things out as I am quite excited, you know.  Sharing such music calls for an exclamation of new found wonder!  These are special recordings indeed, and you should be excited.  The near schizophrenic dub parts come in waves, only to rear its head into some more familiar indie rock territory.  Sort of like a mushroom experience weaving in and out between reality and surreality.  I love these mushroom analogies!

Artist: GoGoGo Airheart
Album: GoGoGo Airheart
Genre: indie/noise rock/dub


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Al Berkowitz

I am proud to introduce you to a very special band indeed; a band so special I'm feeling a lot of pressure making sure I convey their true awesomeness through this tiny paragraph.  They're fun and beautiful, trippy, yet clear minded.  These guys have a sound that ventures in such vast territories (jazz fusion, classical guitar, blues, avant-garde) that it will most definitely keep you fully occupied bathing in their aural adventures they've created.  Proving how immensely cool this band is, here is a picture of a personal note on a cd I got from the band!

Artist: Al Berkowitz
Genre: art rock/psychedelic

BANDCAMP (All their albums are free and fantastic, DOWNLOAD NOW!)

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Supremely happy, infectious African Juju music!  It doesn't matter if you're not well versed in the Juju (nor am I); this is music that could be appreciated by anybody.  It's tropical groove and tribal psychedelia is a perfect sound to bring the sunny vibes on or to have that bad mood fuck off! So much fun, download this now.

Artist: Beansprouts
Album: Foundations
Genre: Tropicalia/Juju/Psychedelia

BANDCAMP  All of his albums are free and fantastic!  delve into his discography

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Upon request (woah, my first one!) here is more Euphone! This band can do no wrong, its just too bad they're no more.  Just throw this album and you wont even be upset about it; the vibes are just too uplifting.
Artist: Euphone
Album: The Lakewood
Genre: Post-rock/experimental/amazing

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

shy guy says

Stoned and nestled comfortably inside while its nipple shatteringly cold outside?  Its time to throw shy guy says on.  Their floating/woven guitars, dream-like ambiance running throughout and subtle complexities call for a beautiful and engaging album.  Oooooo!
Artist: shy guy says
Album: Sucraphrenia
Genre: dream-pop/math rock/indie

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Planeta Imaginario

"Originally formed in 1999, PLANETA IMAGINARIO is a Spanish band from the region of Catalonia: their style is clearly oriented toward the jazz trend of prog rock, yet it is somewhat friendly to additional psychedelic touches and chamber adornments."  -            Thats right;  I just cut and pasted my description like a lazy shit.  What of it??   Anyway,  this album is absolutely enthralling.  Take the prog rock sound of the 70's with extra Floydian psychedlia, inject it with Badbadnotgood and BAM!  Planeta Imaginario.  
Artist: Planeta Imaginario
Album: Optical Delusions
Genre: jazz/progressive rock

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Sometimes call for you to step out from reality; let Qa'a be your tour guide.  This is lush krautrock painted jams that pulsate energies of the pineal gland only to weave back in to reality. At times this album can rock, and then it can go into entrancing, meditative tones. To be blunt, this is one of those albums that will make your friends feel like they're tripping. A trip that they will find clarity and plenty of beauty along the way.  Dose your friends with Qa'a.  

Artist: Qa'a
Album: Chi'en
Genre: psychedelic/krautrock