Friday, August 28, 2015


Drums & Tuba.  Yea, there are drums and tubas going on in this recording but so much more (guitars, loops, pianos, scratching and so much more!).  From trip-hop like vibes to post-rock esque build and peak structure, this album weaves you through various styles to take you to a mental landscape that is foreign to the senses but yet has an air of familiarity, nonetheless fun and fantastic in its true sense of the word.

Artist: Drums & Tuba
Album: Vinyl Killer
Genre: experimental


Goddamn.  The boundaries of beauty music can explore is limitless.  These revelations are what keep me intact; finding music that touches my core in such a profound way that it elevates me to a zen like euphoric state. Euphone and their seemingly endless tones of joy brought through by a plethora of instruments come together to create something otherworldly. You need this album, and so do your friends.
Artist: Euphone
Album: Hashin' It Out
Genre: post-rock/experimental.. its own thing