Sunday, August 25, 2013

Implosive Disgorgence

From the second this came on my heart started to race and it slammed me with that beautiful feeling metal throws at you.  This shit is fast as fuck grinding as it pleases then falling into slams that just make you want to fucking break something.  I  really just want to throw my computer at the wall right now.  This will be a beautiful find for anyone who appreciates death metal and/or grindcore!

Artist: Implosive Disgorgence
Album: Confined to Torment
Title: Confined to Torment
Genre: death metal/grindcore/slam


Mykki Blanco

Now, usually I stray away from most modern rap;  I was never fond of the type of people its associated with (wide brim hats, studded earings, douche) but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy rap, it just has to have a certain respectability to it which is growing harder and harder to come by.  Mykki Blanco is pretty hardcore for my tastes, but to me he reminds me of the Ol' Dirty Bastard of this generation.  I first came across him by seeing him live with Death Grips, and he most certainly fit in with the extremeness and experimental nature of Death Grips.  His beats at points can sound like it has influence of noise and hardcore techno (gabber and such).  His vocals grabbed me right away and automatically garnered respect from his completely unique voice that sounds nothing like the 80% of rappers today who sound like they're still in high school.  In a way his voice is almost like Ol' Dirty Bastard's,  except completely his own.  Oh yea one more thing; he dresses up in drag sometimes just because hes that badass.
Artist: Mykki Blanco
Album: Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince
Title: Riot
Genre: experimental rap/hip-hop/noise-hop


Monday, August 19, 2013

Bardo Pond

Psychedelia has always been a huge interest of mine; its flows freely without feeling the need to conform to societies standards, echoing the revolution our elders started with the hippie movement.  Bardo Pond is a Philadelphia psychedelic space rock band that has a sound similar to Pink Floyd but soaked in acid with a post rock/"acid rock"/noise sound that is endlessly entertaining, much like their discography.  This band is perfect to throw on when your mind is a million miles away.
Artist: Bardo Pond
Album: Amanita
Song: Limerick
Genre: Psychedelic rock/jam/noise

Andy Stott

Dub is a genre that has always fascinated me and left me in a daze.  The heavy booming basslines and almost dark ambient like atmosphere of Andy Stott grabbed me right away.  His sound would fit right into the scenes created by Brainfeeder and Ninjatune.
Artist: Andy Stott
Album: We Stay Together
Title: Cherry Eye
Genre: IDM, Dub


Day of Less

To commemorate Gaza further,  I am sharing pre-Gaza, Day of Less.  Has the masterful vocalist of Gaza along with other members making a brutal take on post-hardcore.
Artist: Day of Less
Album: Porcaria
Song: Birds and Windows


Pilot This Plane Down

Sadly, Gaza is no more, but no need to fret;  they're not wasting their talents!  A post-metal band stemmed off of Gaza named Pilot This Plane Down and it carries that brutality of Gaza but yet it has those beautiful soundscapes of Isis.
Artist: Pilot this Plane Down
Album: Airs
Song: Airs I

ENJOY Glory of the World