Wednesday, October 29, 2014


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Today is the day that you have come across
something special.  Something not from this world.  Something called
NAH.  Now I don't want to equate another band to Death Grips, but its
damn near impossible with NAH, considering its something unworldly
composed of technical drumming chopped and skewed, hip-hop sampling with
synth layered within.  Most of the songs are instrumental but at times
he has the deep voiced GIVV to compliment his gnarly beats with
perfectly fitting rhymes of debauchery and love. 


Artist: NAH
Title: Constant Commentary
Genre: noise/hip-hop/experimental

bandcamp (all his music is free)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Machine Girl

What would it sound like if Death Grips focused on more of a electronic, IDM style instead of hip-hop? Well, you would get Machine Girl of course!  This shit will get your heart racing ready to go ape shit under the chaos of strobe lights.  It basically gives you that same, bad ass vibe that Death Grips does, just through a different genre.  Give it a listen, wont you?

Artist: Machine Girl
Songs: Out By 16, Dead on the Scene; Krystle (URL Cyber Palace Mix)
Genre: electronic/experimental/drum&bass/breakcore/hip-hop


G.G. Nonsense

This band needs to be shared around the world.  Russia, you have some crazy motherfuckers and I love it, like your women.  Where else would I be able to find DEATH SKA?  I had always hoped for a band to do this ever since I heard The Flaming Tsunamis metal/hardcore/ska fusion, and the day has come where my hopes have been fulfilled.  Death metal, horns, ska; need I say more?

Artist: G.G. Nonsense
Albums: Tequilla and Vodka split; Дешево
Genre: Ska/death metal/hardcore punk



Dirty, heavy fucking mathcore with a slight experimental approach to tickle your adventurous side.  At times they will surprise you from their converge like sound going to deeper levels of heaviness experimenting with death growls occasionally.    Give the whole album a listen to really get a feel for the band. (remember, you can always listen to the album on bandcamp and support if you've been touched by the music)

Artist - FAUS
Album - Technical Jargon and Partisan Rhetoric
Genre - mathcore/hardcore