Tuesday, February 5, 2013


These Rhode Island gentlemen spit fucking venom. The vocalist must've blown out his vocals after this album, they're at such a beautiful/discordant high pitch it sends shivers down ones spine.  The instrumentals are equally impressive using extremely complex time signatures, sporadic changes in tempo leading from blast beat grinding to beatdown slamming.  There is absolutely beauty in chaos.
Artist: Hayworth
Album: I Now Pronounce You Fucked and Depressed
Song: Fuck Church
Genre: mathcore/grindcore

ENJOY   I Now Pronounce You Fucked and Depressed
ENJOY   License to Bill

Kiss Kiss Fantastic

Really catchy, hazed dream pop that just makes your mind wonder elsewhere in a state of bliss and nostalgia.  Fun fact:  the band members have never met in person before; they just send each other ideas back and forth via internet.

Artist: Kiss Kiss Fantastic
Album: The Red/Blue Shift
Song: Oh Carolina!
Genre: dream pop/shoegaze

Friday, February 1, 2013

Holiday Shores

One of those bands that has a name totally appropriate for their delivered sound.  Holiday Shores is a hazy walk on the beach with nostalgia in mind teetering on dream territories.
Artist: Holiday Shores
Song: Airglow
Album: New Masses for Squaw Peak
Genre: dream pop/psychedelic/indie


Body Cheetah

Hip-hop, indie, r&b, and psychedelia you say?  Body Cheetah is far to unique and badass to ignore; this guy is going places.

Artist: Body Cheetah
Song: Psychoswagger
Album: Blonde Bitches Ain't Free
Genre: experimental/hip-hop/indie

ENJOY   Ten Thousand Thunders
ENJOY   Blonde Bitches Ain't Free