Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Prince Nifty

Prince Nifty crafts his own unique sounds that obviously make no compromises; whether he is in a folky mood or a trippy mood, he'll express that side for our enjoyment.  This album at times is catchy, sentimental, soulful, psychedelic, danceable, nintendo-like etc...  meaning that you should listen to this man now!
Artist: Prince Nifty
Album: Pitty Slash Love
Title: Vox News Double Double Dose
Genre: experimental/indie/trip-hop


Thursday, June 11, 2015


There just simply is no other band who has conjured up such an adventurous and intriguing take on the genre of "post-rock" than these motherfuckers.  This album grooves hard at times, entrances in others with a surreal tone permeating throughout.  I can't recommend this enough; this album MUST be heard!
Artist: Bästard
Album: Radiant, Discharged, Crossed Off
Title: 200 Miles from Hanoi
Genre: experimental/post-rock/noise rock


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Pop Group

What we have here is absolute avant-garde magic that might cause your head to float away.  Frankly, this is a monster of an album to describe.  There are elements of jazz, noise, funk, psychedelia, post-punk, and whatever the fuck else they felt fit.  

Artist: The Pop Group
Title: We Are All Prostitutes
Genre: avant-garde/post-punk/


Tuesday, June 2, 2015


There are a handful of albums that made a profound impact on the tone of my high school career; this is one of those albums in particular that will certainly tattoo its melodies into you for eternity (spin hohoho!!).  Its put under the genre "dream pop" and it seems to be exactly that; catchy tunes conjured up in the world of a dreaming mind.  The tones are so thick its like a haze of sound you will certainly get lost in. 
Artist: Pandit
Album: Eternity Spin
Title: Kathryn, My Love
Genre: dream pop/shoegaze