Tuesday, December 30, 2014


For years I've been searching for this seemingly mythical album (flawless yet extremely rare) for years and finally coming across it feels like reaching the holy grail.  Fan of Godflesh, early Napalm Death and/or Jesu?  Well this is yet another one of Justin Broadricks many projects, and I must say it is without a doubt his most intriguing.  Industrial/free jazz/doom?  I personally have never heard of such a concoction.  If you have, don't just gloat you greedy fuck, share it with me!  GOD is heavy. GOD is free flowing.  GOD is entrancing.  GOD will smash you. 

Artist: GOD
Album: The Anatomy of Addiction
Song: Voodoo Head Blows
Genre: industrial/avant-garde jazz/metal