Tuesday, December 30, 2014


For years I've been searching for this seemingly mythical album (flawless yet extremely rare) for years and finally coming across it feels like reaching the holy grail.  Fan of Godflesh, early Napalm Death and/or Jesu?  Well this is yet another one of Justin Broadricks many projects, and I must say it is without a doubt his most intriguing.  Industrial/free jazz/doom?  I personally have never heard of such a concoction.  If you have, don't just gloat you greedy fuck, share it with me!  GOD is heavy. GOD is free flowing.  GOD is entrancing.  GOD will smash you. 

Artist: GOD
Album: The Anatomy of Addiction
Song: Voodoo Head Blows
Genre: industrial/avant-garde jazz/metal


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Matt Berry

Matt Berry has become the artist who I've been listening to at a concerning level.   Is it obsessive?  Quite possibly, but I'll allow it due to the sheer beauty of a classic nature his songs carry with them.   They sound like they've been established in time as classic hits, but yet no one seems to know them.   Do your self a favor and submerge yourself in the tuneful world of Matt Berry. 

Artist: Matt Berry
Album: Kill the Wolf
Title: Medicine
Genre: progressive rock/folk/70's sound


Wednesday, October 29, 2014


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Today is the day that you have come across
something special.  Something not from this world.  Something called
NAH.  Now I don't want to equate another band to Death Grips, but its
damn near impossible with NAH, considering its something unworldly
composed of technical drumming chopped and skewed, hip-hop sampling with
synth layered within.  Most of the songs are instrumental but at times
he has the deep voiced GIVV to compliment his gnarly beats with
perfectly fitting rhymes of debauchery and love. 


Artist: NAH
Title: Constant Commentary
Genre: noise/hip-hop/experimental

bandcamp (all his music is free)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Machine Girl

What would it sound like if Death Grips focused on more of a electronic, IDM style instead of hip-hop? Well, you would get Machine Girl of course!  This shit will get your heart racing ready to go ape shit under the chaos of strobe lights.  It basically gives you that same, bad ass vibe that Death Grips does, just through a different genre.  Give it a listen, wont you?

Artist: Machine Girl
Songs: Out By 16, Dead on the Scene; Krystle (URL Cyber Palace Mix)
Genre: electronic/experimental/drum&bass/breakcore/hip-hop


G.G. Nonsense

This band needs to be shared around the world.  Russia, you have some crazy motherfuckers and I love it, like your women.  Where else would I be able to find DEATH SKA?  I had always hoped for a band to do this ever since I heard The Flaming Tsunamis metal/hardcore/ska fusion, and the day has come where my hopes have been fulfilled.  Death metal, horns, ska; need I say more?

Artist: G.G. Nonsense
Albums: Tequilla and Vodka split; Дешево
Genre: Ska/death metal/hardcore punk



Dirty, heavy fucking mathcore with a slight experimental approach to tickle your adventurous side.  At times they will surprise you from their converge like sound going to deeper levels of heaviness experimenting with death growls occasionally.    Give the whole album a listen to really get a feel for the band. (remember, you can always listen to the album on bandcamp and support if you've been touched by the music)

Artist - FAUS
Album - Technical Jargon and Partisan Rhetoric
Genre - mathcore/hardcore


Friday, June 6, 2014

Pretty Mouth

Nobody sounded even remotely like Daughters,  the late and great math/noise rock grinders of our time.  They found a sound of noise rock that was absolutely perfect.  Noisy, but yet technical as fuck guitar riffs utilizing techniques I can't even image,  heavy instrumentation, but yet vocals that aren't just growls and screams, they're the demented channeling of Elvis.  Now comes a band obviously of the School of Daughters, but they add their own style to it making them a must listen.

Artist: Pretty Mouth
Album: Ghosts
Title: Ghosts
Genre: noisecore/mathcore 




Straight up blistering and testosterone driven GRIND from Australia.   The drumming in this album at times can get pretty fucking unbelievable by how staggeringly fast blast beats attack your heart beat.  This is truly rockin grind thats both fun and brutal.  Also, you gotta love that late 80s inspired artwork. (no video)

Artist: Scumguts
Album: Planetary Suplex
Genre: old school grindcore/death metal



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Drunken Forest

There are those certain special bands out there who do absolutely what they want, how they want, and where they want it.  This is one of those bands.  Its a weird fusion of (at my best ability to label it) avant-garde jazz, and mathcore, with maybe a cartoon noise thrown in.  Once I heard the first song I knew I came across something special, why don't you as well?

Artist: Drunken Forest
Album: Drunken Forest [EP]
Song: Five Stages
Genre: avant-garde/jazz/mathcore



Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This is overt psychedelia right here.  In that same mind bending aethetic Flying Lotus and The Gaslamp Killer, Kutmah has his own brand on the sound bursting with all kinds of psychedelic revolved influences like tribal percussion, Indian spiritual music, acid soaked hip-hop, jazz etc... This guy is unlike any other and needs to be listened to.  I'm sure I don't need to say this, but its grand stoned.

Artist: Kutmah
Album: Warm Like the Sunshine
Title: Warm Like the Sunshine
Genre: psychedelic/hip-hop/experimental


Friday, May 16, 2014

Cold Foamer

What I gather from listening to the album for several months now is that this is somewhat of an homage to Modest Mouse's early days, and its done fantastically.  There's a hazy, free-form approach to the music that is undeniably pleasing and warm thats absolutely perfect for a drive through a small, nostalgic town.  Give these Philly natives a go!

Artist: Cold Foamer
Album: All Cold Everything
Genre: indie/experimental

DOWNLOAD FREE/LISTEN AT: http://coldfoamers.bandcamp.com/

Repeat Pattern

Who likes jazzy hip-hop, aka "jazz-hop"?? I do!  Jazz is a great genre to encorporate into pretty much anything.  Hip-hop is obviously a winner.  At times I'll be listening to this and think, "do I have Adult Swim on tv in the background? To use a word I hate to use, this has a very "chill" vibe to it and would be great to wind down to with a big ol bowl.

Artist - Repeat Pattern
Album - Love Exposure
Title - Bus Ride
Genre - hip-hop/jazz/electronic


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Plasticbag Facemask

Straight up experimental deathgrind, with a good bit of emphasis on the experimental.  This is absolutely heavy music and no one can deny that, but theres so much going on here with experimentation with time signatures giving it a mathy aspect to it, unusual noises, genre shifts, vocal extremities etc...  to state simply, this band is interesting, fun, and heart stoppingly heavy.

Artist - Plasticbag Facemask
Album - Pangea
Full album
Genre - experimental/death metal/grindcore



jane hoe

This is fucking frightning music that pretty much guides your heart beat with its schizophrenic blast beats layered with noises coming from, apparently guitar and vocals, but both of which are barely recognizable in how inhuman they come off to be.  I do metal vocals myself so I know the techniques put into making harsh vocals, but the piercingly high pitch the vocalist's screams reach begin to get an almost alien tone from how strained they are. Its mathy, noisy, and grindy; this is for those who want pure fucking aggression out of their music. 

Arist - jane hoe
Album - bonitas piernas, cuando se abren
Title - pony slaystation
Genre - mathcore/grindcore/noisecore



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Infected Disarray

Its fucking dirty. Raw. Brutal. Disgusting.  I'm convinced I've found the most extreme metal to have ever been recorded.  Its a cross between slamming brutal death metal and blistering grindcore.  The vocals are absolutely disgusting in the best way possible.  Its as if he found a way to channel his innermost animal to produce ungodly sounds that is seemingly unmatched.  From the depths of metal obscurity, I bring you the most extreme metal to date. 

Artist: Infected Disarray
Album: Disseminating Obscenity
Title: Prenatal Excavation of Diseased Ovarian Atrocity
Genre: Slamming brutal death metal/grindcore/technical death metal



Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I've been loving this era of experimentation in hip-hop going on.  People who grew up on various influences often contradicting one another are finding themselves in the recording studio meshing their love for hip-hop with their love for more experimental, indie, underground etc... influences making some truly interesting music.  One of those groups to come from this is Clipping.. Their goal is to tear down the fabric of what hip-hop is, and they're succeeding.  Their completely non-conformist approach to hip-hop is extremely refreshing.  Their beats are built on the foundation of hip-hop with the aesthetic/instrumentation of harsh noise.  Check it out! Currently their music is up for free on their bandcamp, so really theres no excuse not to!

Artist: Clipping
Album: Midcity
Song: Intro
Genre: Hip-hop/rap/harsh noise



Friday, April 25, 2014


This shit rocks, its complex both with mathy time signatures and its near jazzy rock thats also very energetic. At times they can sound like a slightly more aggressive Modest Mouse. The song Lifted Bells verges on straight up jam. Just listen to the album.

"June of 44 created music that ranged from experimental jazz to ambient dub to angular post punk." - Touch and Go Records

Artist: JUNE OF 44
Album: Four Great Points
Song: Cut Your Face
Genre: Math rock/post-hardcore/experimental



The Gaslamp Killer

Every time I sit down to listen to this guy, I'm always blown the fuck away and it draws me in with the infectious and psychedelic drenched beats that this man so perfectly crafts.  His music has an undeniable nostalgic presence to it that will leave anyone who wants some modern experimental hip-hop like Flying Lotus but wants to delve in the warmth of yesteryear's sound, The Gaslamp Killer would be absolutely perfect.

PS:  Some of his material is in the form of one long song, like I Spit on Your Grave, but those are the best ones because you simply get lost in his manic creativity finding yourself in soundscapes you'd never expect to hear.  Download this fucker now.

 Artist: The Gaslamp Killer
Album: I Spit on Your Grave EP
Song: Shattering Inner Journeys
Genre: psychedelic/hip-hop/dub/experimental

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Suuns are a great band, and I'm having a difficult time being able to describe them, which in its self has me knowing this band is special.  They sort of sound like Liars, but more upbeat and accessible.  The song '2020' was used to advertise Only God Forgives, the next film from the director of Drive, who has a cool atmospheric and experimental tone to his films which is why it fits perfectly.

Artist: Suuns
Album: Images Du Futur
Song: Edie's Dream
Genre: Experimental indie/psychedelic/art rock



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rites of Spring

Pre notation:  This band fucking rocks just give them a listen

 Lately I've been massively into 80's hardcore punk, post-hardcore, and emo (not the fucking shit bag idea it has become now, but rather just hardcore punk with more introspective lyrics and more technicality).  In 1985 there was a boom of new hardcore bands in the summer, "the Revolution summer" that took the current status of hardcore which was violent and angry to a more progressive approach with more introspective lyrics, a less aggressive approach but instead more lighthearted.  Rites of Spring have been exactly what I needed.  Its punky, up beat, great for the up coming summer, and the vocalist's voice is completely his own.

Artist: Rites of Spring
Album: Rites of Spring
Title: All There Is
Genre: Hardcore punk/post-hardcore


Friday, January 31, 2014

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien has been a favorite of mine for years, but it seemed like he disappeared for the past couple of years.  Out of nowhere he released an album right up there with my favorite,  Both Sides of the Brain. It was a an absolute necessity in among my friends for our blunt ride soundtrack, which is funny in a almost morbid way beings the song Skull and Crossbones is the story of a dude who wrecks his car while all fucked up.  I have a feeling this album will be played just as much, and I'm sure you'll notice there seems to be a Death Grips feel here which is insatiable. 

Artist: Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
Album: Iller Than Most


Friday, January 3, 2014

Primitive Weapons

As if progressive metal, hardcore and sludge fucked.  = Primitive Weapons

 Video: The Electric Drama/Quitters Anthem (live)

Artist: Primitive Weapons
Album: The Shadow Gallery
Genre: post-hardcore/progressive metal/sludge



Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J Mascis wanted to form a band differing from the indie sound of his other band, forming the stoner, bluesy doom metal that is Witch.   They have this total rock n roll sound to them sort of like Black Sabbath, except hazier. 

Artist: Witch
Album: Witch
Song: Hand of Glory
Genre: Stoner rock/doom metal



Absolute insanity in vain of Beneath the Massacre, Rings of Saturn, and Genocide of Prescription.  Melt your face off.

Artist: Abiotic
Album: Symbiosis
Song: Vermosapian
Genre: Technical death metal/brutal deathcore