Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This is overt psychedelia right here.  In that same mind bending aethetic Flying Lotus and The Gaslamp Killer, Kutmah has his own brand on the sound bursting with all kinds of psychedelic revolved influences like tribal percussion, Indian spiritual music, acid soaked hip-hop, jazz etc... This guy is unlike any other and needs to be listened to.  I'm sure I don't need to say this, but its grand stoned.

Artist: Kutmah
Album: Warm Like the Sunshine
Title: Warm Like the Sunshine
Genre: psychedelic/hip-hop/experimental


Friday, May 16, 2014

Cold Foamer

What I gather from listening to the album for several months now is that this is somewhat of an homage to Modest Mouse's early days, and its done fantastically.  There's a hazy, free-form approach to the music that is undeniably pleasing and warm thats absolutely perfect for a drive through a small, nostalgic town.  Give these Philly natives a go!

Artist: Cold Foamer
Album: All Cold Everything
Genre: indie/experimental

DOWNLOAD FREE/LISTEN AT: http://coldfoamers.bandcamp.com/

Repeat Pattern

Who likes jazzy hip-hop, aka "jazz-hop"?? I do!  Jazz is a great genre to encorporate into pretty much anything.  Hip-hop is obviously a winner.  At times I'll be listening to this and think, "do I have Adult Swim on tv in the background? To use a word I hate to use, this has a very "chill" vibe to it and would be great to wind down to with a big ol bowl.

Artist - Repeat Pattern
Album - Love Exposure
Title - Bus Ride
Genre - hip-hop/jazz/electronic


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Plasticbag Facemask

Straight up experimental deathgrind, with a good bit of emphasis on the experimental.  This is absolutely heavy music and no one can deny that, but theres so much going on here with experimentation with time signatures giving it a mathy aspect to it, unusual noises, genre shifts, vocal extremities etc...  to state simply, this band is interesting, fun, and heart stoppingly heavy.

Artist - Plasticbag Facemask
Album - Pangea
Full album
Genre - experimental/death metal/grindcore



jane hoe

This is fucking frightning music that pretty much guides your heart beat with its schizophrenic blast beats layered with noises coming from, apparently guitar and vocals, but both of which are barely recognizable in how inhuman they come off to be.  I do metal vocals myself so I know the techniques put into making harsh vocals, but the piercingly high pitch the vocalist's screams reach begin to get an almost alien tone from how strained they are. Its mathy, noisy, and grindy; this is for those who want pure fucking aggression out of their music. 

Arist - jane hoe
Album - bonitas piernas, cuando se abren
Title - pony slaystation
Genre - mathcore/grindcore/noisecore



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Infected Disarray

Its fucking dirty. Raw. Brutal. Disgusting.  I'm convinced I've found the most extreme metal to have ever been recorded.  Its a cross between slamming brutal death metal and blistering grindcore.  The vocals are absolutely disgusting in the best way possible.  Its as if he found a way to channel his innermost animal to produce ungodly sounds that is seemingly unmatched.  From the depths of metal obscurity, I bring you the most extreme metal to date. 

Artist: Infected Disarray
Album: Disseminating Obscenity
Title: Prenatal Excavation of Diseased Ovarian Atrocity
Genre: Slamming brutal death metal/grindcore/technical death metal



Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I've been loving this era of experimentation in hip-hop going on.  People who grew up on various influences often contradicting one another are finding themselves in the recording studio meshing their love for hip-hop with their love for more experimental, indie, underground etc... influences making some truly interesting music.  One of those groups to come from this is Clipping.. Their goal is to tear down the fabric of what hip-hop is, and they're succeeding.  Their completely non-conformist approach to hip-hop is extremely refreshing.  Their beats are built on the foundation of hip-hop with the aesthetic/instrumentation of harsh noise.  Check it out! Currently their music is up for free on their bandcamp, so really theres no excuse not to!

Artist: Clipping
Album: Midcity
Song: Intro
Genre: Hip-hop/rap/harsh noise