Wednesday, January 6, 2016

shy guy says

Stoned and nestled comfortably inside while its nipple shatteringly cold outside?  Its time to throw shy guy says on.  Their floating/woven guitars, dream-like ambiance running throughout and subtle complexities call for a beautiful and engaging album.  Oooooo!
Artist: shy guy says
Album: Sucraphrenia
Genre: dream-pop/math rock/indie


  1. nice blog. i was searching something of suuns and i found this page. im going to become a fan of this site...
    im from mexico by the way so i appologize for my bad english.
    here in mexico is very expensive to purchase vinyl so this is a good way to listen to this music that i love to the core.
    thanks friend

  2. thank you!! I appreciate your comment, I never get them and its nice to know people dig the blog. If you have any requests for more albums from artists, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

    Happy listening!

    P.S. no worries! It looks like you speak much better English than most people I went to school with haha.

  3. ok friend so... i was looking for the album tomorrow´s hits from the men. i just listened the open your heart album and i think they´re great. the thing is that it´s hard to find stuff from them.
    i really apreciate what you are doing to the world. ja!

    if you want some mexican shit don´t hesitate

  4. Darn I don't have that one, I probably should've specified and said if you have any requests of artists other albums who I already posted, I can definitely help you there! And thanks for the offer! Do you know Dorotheo? They're my favorite Mexican band right now. See them if you can!

  5. i listened to dorotheo and i like the sound. thank you.
    ok so listen to lorelle meets the obsolete
    they are from the same city of dorotheo´s.
    there is a great rock-noisy scene in guadalajara.
    i´m from puebla and in here there is a band named sex sex sex, they have this classic punk rock sound. i have their 7´´and it´s not bad.

  6. I'm listening to lorelle meets the obsolete now, they sound pretty badass! I like that classic rock sound thats extra hazy. That sex sex sex group sounds like they would be fun to see live, I just checked their bandcamp out. Have you used the website I get a lot of my vinyl from their and sellers are from around the world, in fact I bought an album from Tasmania once!

  7. the trouble of discogs is the dollar. 18 pesos for one dollar so it´s very expensive. i did know that site.
    i bought the fist LCD soundsystem album in a tiny record store here un Puebla for almost 500 pesos!
    so thats why i don´t have so much vinyl. but my collection is good jaja
    and yes, sex sex sex are very funny alive. let me look out for the code of the songs from the 7 inches that i purchase and i will pass it to you friend


    code: gd2a-36vr

  9. oh shit man thanks so much! sorry i was gone for a bit, I was off on a trip to the mountains. I definitely dig this, it has a dirty, raw sound that I crave. They sound like they have a fuck off/don't care attitude which is what punk is all about! I added you in google+ so if you wanted we can share stuff easier.